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The Opportunity of a Lifetime -
Your Child's Art Launched Into Space

Introducing                                                   by House of Legends NFT

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Ever dreamed of giving your child the chance to send their 

dreams to the stars with a real astronaut?

"Wow. This is once in a lifetime opportunity every parent should take advantage of... This experience my kid will never forget."

- Joshua, House of Legends Holder

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Mahatma Gandhi

Get your children drawing on a cosmic adventure like no other.

For the first time in history - your child’s hand-drawn art can be flown into space on a revolutionary mission to the International Space Station.

All you need to do is to submit a drawing, and that's it? YES, AS SIMPLE AS THAT!


Eytan Stibbe

Final deadline for submissions:

31 March, 2022

And it gets even better...

30 selected artworks will be auctioned for a charitable cause through

House of Legends NFT collection.

100% of proceeds from the auction will be used to change the reality of children in the world living without access to basic amenities such as clean water. 

Want to be part of this revolutionary event?

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Thank you for joining in to be part of a universal message of hope for humanity.

Submissions are closed.

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