Mission: Clean Water For
One Million People

Starting point:  50,000 people, 72 projects, across 6 countries:

The Gambia

10x Water Projects (6 000 people)

South Sudan

10x Water Projects (3 000 people)


10x Water Projects (8 000 people)

Tamil Nadu, India

30x Water Projects (30 000 people)


8x Water Projects (2 400 people)


4x Water Projects (600 people)

“The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.”

- Albert Einstein

What it takes to Build a Legendary Well

Your Legend Changes Lives


Empowers children to go to school


Opens doors for a community to flourish financially

michelle obama.jpg

Creates time for mothers to provide for their families


Saves lives through access to disease-free water and better sanitation


Allows communities to thrive with a safe and reliable source of water


Gives communities the ability to grow uncontaminated food with full health benefits

The Legendary Drop4Drop

A team of experienced engineers and experts dedicated to providing the most basic human right; clean water.

The House of Legends Team worked with Drop4Drop in the e-commerce space. As a trusted partner, we brought 8 wells to life that serviced 8,500 people.

  • 100% of donations go towards operations

  • 1.6 million with access to clean water already

  • Building wells in India and Africa across 6 countries