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Welcome to the 
House of Legends

The Metaverse Hall of Fame


House of Legends is a one-of-its-kind NFT collection of 9,993 hand-drawn artworks honoring the greatest minds of all time.

Designed for web3 enthusiasts who are looking to become Metaverse leaders.

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The Legends Are Going to Space (Literally) 

Want to see your child’s drawing beamed on Earth from 408 kms into space? Now is your chance!

The Legends joined a revolutionary mission with SpaceX Astronaut Eytan Stibbe to spread hope and unity through our unique NFTs.

Hurry up, the doors are open until: 

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Own a Signature Piece by Amit Shimoni

Hand-drawn by world renowned Forbes 30 under 30 artist Amit Shimoni - The Legends are probably the coolest pfp you’ll ever find.

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The Legends Behind the Legends


Why Thousands Have Become Legend Holders

Every HOL owner gains a host of legendary benefits and member-only privileges that keep growing in scope and value.


Access to the Legendary Vault - store your NFT to generate gem points and redeem for exclusive perks. 

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And it Gets Better.

As an HOL owner, you not only gain a host of unique members-only privileges, but also leave an unforgettable social impact.


With each HOL NFT purchased, you help fund the construction of clean water wells in remote villages across India and Africa - and you become part of our mission to enable 1 million people with clean water for life.  


Legendary Milestones

Genesis collection sold out within 48 hours of public sale

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Invest $120,000 in buying land on The Sandbox Metaverse

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Invest $40,000 to buy land for future projects in NFT Worlds

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Contribute $150,000 to sponsor the HOL water well project with 

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Phase 1 

Road Map

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Panal 1


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Announce The Collectible Games
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A Uniquely Gamified Collecting Experience

Get rewarded for holding rare Legends, certain sets of Legends, and partner NFTs. Each set earns you the chance to win exclusive prizes.

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From eToro to CryptoDads, Our Partners
Stand With Us

eToro, NiftyGateway, and many others have joined our Legendary vision, will you?

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40+ Metaverse Leaders

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The Legends Behind...
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The Legends Behind...
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The Legends Behind...
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The Legends Behind...
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Produced by Meta-Brothers

Meta-Brothers is a fully-fledged NFT production house, specializing in powerful debuts for top-tier brands & global artists into the Metaverse.


  • What is HOL?
    House of Legends (HOL) is a one-of-its-kind NFT artwork collection honoring some of the most inspiring men and women in history - who shaped the creative arts, human rights, science, technology and beyond with their actions. Featuring the inimitable pop-art aesthetic art of award-winning Forbes 30 under 30 artist Amit Shimoni, HOL’s genesis collection of 9,993 NFTs. We believe in building a better world for all, and our social impact initiative is at the core of who we are. With each HOL NFT sold, we donate to bring water security to communities in need across India and Africa, with the construction of clean water wells. Together, we aim to leverage the limitless potential of Web3 to make a real-world impact.
  • What are the benefits of owning an HOL NFT?
    Ownership of a unique house of legends artwork Access to a host of HOL utilities Exclusive holders-only offers Special offers on HOL merch Being part of a large social impact initiative
  • How much does a legendary water well cost?
    The total cost borne to bring a water well to life is $3,000. This includes all the expenses involved across stages - from planning, geo surveying to decide the drilling location, machinery, raw materials, labor costs, quality and safety checks, all the way to post-construction care & maintenance.
  • Where can I buy HOL NFTs?
    You can buy your HOL NFT from our collection in Opensea. Take your pick from 33 different legendary icons in quirky pop-art avatars conjured by our award-winning chief art director Amit Shimoni. Choose from thousands of traits that vary in rarity to own a Legend that you can truly call your own.
  • Are there any copyright issues?
    All depictions of the Legends are transformative artworks created in good faith and in the scope of freedom of speech. Using famous people's likenesses in this context and form is legal. For the past 7 years, Shimoni (the artist) has sold his artworks directly and through global stores like Urban Outfitters and ASOS, been featured in globally-recognized publications such as Forbes, NY times, and built relationships with some of the public figures he has depicted. You can see dozens of campaigns with world-leaders in his portfolio:
  • I’m interested in collaborating, who do I contact?
    We love collaborating on fresh new ideas! Reach out to us at - someone from our team will connect with you and explore the opportunity right away.
  • I’d like to donate money to a well, can I do that?
    Of course! The world is a better, brighter place because of Legends like you. Please reach out to us anytime - via discord / email / contact us form and we will make it happen.
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