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Wow! You made it, Legend!
Your opportunity to get an all inclusive ticket to watch the the launch of Ax-1, the first civilian crew going to the space station

Ever dreamed of watching in reality (instead of on TV…) a historical event that only a few get to experience in a life-time?

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Rare Legend NFT

In one of the biggest NFT giveaways in history
House of Legends is offering you a chance to get an all-expenses-paid trip to the private, exclusive Ax-1 revolutionary launch in Florida.

Get your bag ready, you’re about to make history...

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Sigmund Freud

unnamed (1).png
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Oprah Winfrey

Salvador Dali

Freddie Mercury

On April 6, you have a chance to attend and watch the
FIRST-EVER all-private crewed spaceship ascend into space.

How to enter?

How to enroll in the giveaway?

1. Become a Legends Holder

2. Fill the form below

3. That's it, you're in!

Thousands have joined...

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Genesis Collection sold out within 48 hours of public sale

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PNG-Favicon (5).png


Hand-drawn by world renowned Forbes 30 under

30 artist

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 Invest $120,000 in buying land on The Sandbox Metaverse

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Mission: One Million people with clean water for life


What's Included?

1. Flight to Orlando, Florida 

2. Ticket to the exclusive event

3. A night at a nearby hotel

4. Access to NASA facilities 

All you need to do is browse through thousands of NFTs hand-drawned by our Forbes 30 under 30 artist and pick the legend you look up the most from our collection.

After owning your brand-new Legend NFT,

share your details below and you’re in!

Hi Legend, submit the form!

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